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    wildlife 2 ( velvet monkey )

    Here is another photo of a Velvet Monkey - This time i did not use the cropping tool .
    Camera - panasonic Lumix
    Resolution - 1600 x 1200
    Could you please comment on this photo ?
    Thanks again for all the previous comments !

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    I like the colors and composition, but I think you should have stepped back a few feet and gotten his feet and tail in... Keep posting!
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    Great looking monkey and the shot is quite good.
    One advice though, try to use as much empty space as possible. This is how the eyes work. Most people who look at the monkey, look at his face, they look at his eyes and then their own eyes move to the left, the direction in which the monkey is looking. Where didn't we not look? Exactly, the right part of the image. So in general, but it's not a golden rule, we tend to leave some space for the main subject, either for the eyes or movement.
    ( I added a quick example, ignore the quality though)

    I have seen examples in which photographers break with this rule. One example was the image of an award winning photographer who took a shot of a racing (motor) bike going through a corner at high speed, with the front of the bike close to the edge of the image. In that particular photograph the photographer wanted to add extra tension, an extra reminder how dangerous the sport can be.
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    cool picture, the monkey was right there, i like it very very clear and nice lighting, i would have gotten the monkeys attention to turn and look at me and then i would have taken it
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