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Exercise walking has more benefits than you think. When research shows that walking 25 minutes a day improves dementia. Which is because of aerobic exercise That requires oxygen during exercise Help the cardiovascular system Including better cerebrovascular
It was also found that walking 25 minutes a day can also reduce the risk of death in people with breast and bowel cancer. After presenting the results of two studies on this subject At the oncology conference hosted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago, USA.
The first is a study from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. The trial was conducted with 337 female patients diagnosed with breast cancer. And was successfully undergoing surgery to remove the tumor The first group exercised 180 minutes per week for 8 months while the second group received regular treatment.
By Sandra Hay, researcher from Queensland University of Technology State that walking is the easiest exercise for the patient. After eight years of follow-up, exercise reduced the risk of mortality in patients by half.
While the results of another study By experts from the University of California of the United States Experiments with 992 colon cancer patients and 7 years of follow-up results were similar. It was found that those who exercised an average of 22 minutes a day had a 42 percent lower risk of mortality compared to patients who were normally treated but not exercised, researcher Erin van Blarigan. According to the University of California, brisk walking is the best exercise for everyone.
So don't wait to get sick first and then take care of yourself. Or exercise But should have done it today In order to have good health Not suffering from premature illness สมัคร AMBBET