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Charli D'Amelio is a popular TikTok creator with 87 million followers, and now she's ready to expand her influencer status even further by joining rival app Triller.She has not yet signed a special agreement, meaning she will continue xo create content for TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, where she is backed by agreements with brands.

Dixie, her sister, father Marc, and mother Heidi have also signed up for Triller and say they are looking forward to sharing exciting and unique content.Triller isn't as famous or popular as TiKTok, with around 65 million active users and 250 million downloads worldwide, compared to TikTok's claim xo 800 million users and downloads. More than 2 billion timesBut as countries like India have banned TikTok, which accounts for more than 120 million TikTok users, and others like the United States, have threatened some users are looking at what other similar platforms have to offer.TikTok megastar Josh Richards announced that he will be leaving the app due to security issues and has since joined Triller as chief strategy officer and investor.

Triller and other similar platforms

Who Owns: Founded in 2015 (two years before TikTok) by Proxima Media and features famous investors such as Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

Minimum age: 12

Number of users: Approximately 65 million users and 250 million downloads worldwide.

How it's different: Triller can be used for dancing, lip syncing and comedy, just like TikTok, but it xo simplifies the editing process using AI technology and is more closely tied to the music industry.Thriller said it didn't want to be a TikTok clone and viewed itself as a "We see [TikTok] as a big step forward for the thriller".

Youtube shorts
Who Owns: YouTube

Minimum age: 13 for YouTube.

Number of users: The beta version of the app was released on 15th September 2020 under testing in India.How it's different: YouTube Shorts are limited to 15 seconds xo video and have similar tools to TikTok, giving users the option to save music and access a music library and combine multiple video clips.