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    A loooong way from 1000! Cowgirl's Avatar
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    Oct 2000

    Texas Wildflowers

    I want springtime to arrive!

    Anyway, here's a shot from 2001 that I have recently 'rediscovered'. You gotta love the Texas Hill Country in the spring! No major Photoshop adjustments.

    Elan IIE
    Tamron lens
    Velvia 50 rated at 40.
    Bogen tripod.
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    Junior Member LLMc's Avatar
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    Very nice image! I like the way the fence takes your eye all the way to the back of the image. The colors are beautiful! It's great when you find "oldies but goodies". My only suggestion with this is that you make your name smaller. It kind of takes away from the image, (imo).

    "There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." -Ansel Adams

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    Couple of things

    And this would be really brilliant.First it is a lovely pic and then you go and put a huge copywright thingy smack in the middle of the nicest part ! ???? Is this really neccessarry ? Second i found the line of the fence coming in from the right a bit hard on the eye so have done a simple flip and now i think it has more power.If only i could delete that copywright !!! Thanks for sharing.
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