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    technology deconstruction

    took a bat to the CPU tower to make room for the new laptop:
    natural shadowing from me standing above subject...picture is untouched.

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    Re: technology deconstruction

    Was it a Dell? Looks like a dell heatsink. I hate dell heatsink design.

    I'm not sure if it works, though I like the dusty heatsink as the central item. I also like that the drive cable leads to the floppy disk. Sort of quirky. But there are too many items that are cut off. Is that the drive cage in the front right or the PSU?

    There's also a black cable (front panel cable?) that intersects the nearly black part of the shot on the left. Black on black makes it barely visible.

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    Re: technology deconstruction

    You took a shot at something I've wanted to do ........I'm not talking about the photo........

    Your distance from the subject reminds me of something a couple of the greats around here told me once which is that sometimes a closer range will make for a more interesting photo of something that otherwise would be a rather mediocre subject. Good job!

    oh, and nice photo =)

    Your editing is welcomed. A picture is worth...

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