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Thread: So undecided

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    So undecided

    Does this have potential or should I move on to another shot...the more i work on it the less sure I am its even worthy...Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Re: So undecided

    I think it would work better if the girl was going to the right and if she was a little sharper. I like the way you framed the shot. I think too you should crop some of the top.
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    Re: So undecided

    All the motion here is to the left.
    The biggest issue is the concrete arches, the road, the shadows, all has a purple cast.
    I'd like it a little looser cropped, or a step to the right to get the bottoms of the arches on the ground, and the left side arches separated form each other a little more.

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    Re: So undecided

    Seems over processed or white balance off.
    I would try a b/w conversion and flipping it.
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    Re: So undecided

    Well the structures are nearly a hexagon..., not that you were trying to imply this though it did cross my mind. I'd have probably jumped over to get the other angle but of course with the chance of missing the girl. On these types of shots I usually focus a little over 1/3 of the way in to allow me then to crop (if needed) the foreground of the shot. Else the idea is great. Sootme
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