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    Show prep photo choices..

    I'm preparing for another show where I will have work hung for at least the month of December at a local non-profit, in a very busy building in the central art district of downtown... The good thing is, I have almost too much to choose from in the way of what to make for new prints. I have a few that I've settled on for certain, but others I seek critique about. I never got around to posting here as the summer went by, and these are all from this year.

    Stars over the North Cascades - going to be a metal print

    Milky Way over Ruth Mt - metal print (my first really planned milky way photo with composure, etc)

    Milky Way over Challenger and Whatcom Peaks - to be re-edited before printing metal (The previous two were re-edited from original versions as I learned better methods)

    These three star photos are certain prints I want, but wanted to share here for any possible critique. The following photos I need to choose between... I have an idea of a few that I could choose between for the one that gets 20x30" size, other prints will be smaller.

    Possible 20x30?


    (as much as I like this one, the edit still bothers me slightly, but might look fine on canvas)


    The foggy forest I feel is some of my best work of the year with more than one print-worthy photo, and it was all within a total of 2 hours between classes on mainly one day. I have other print possibilities as well, but I feel like I've posted enough for one post. Enjoy the photos and critique all you want - it's the way to learn! Also, which 20x30 possibility deserves printing at that size? I'll take perhaps 2-3 others, as smaller sizes. All of these prints will likely be on mounted canvas.
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    Re: Show prep photo choices..

    Congratulations on the show!

    I think it would have been good if you'd broken this up into two or more posts. You've got two very different kinds of subject matter here and it would be more effective to discuss them separately.

    The star photos are very nice. I'd like to see more mountain detail in all of them. In that respect, I like the first one the most - although I feel like the Milky Way is a bit too centered in that one. It sort of pulls my eye into the middle and traps it there. I think if you cropped it a bit tighter on the top and from the right I'd be able to explore the image a little better.

    For what it's worth, I don't like metal prints at all. I am pretty sure I'm in the minority on this. But I find the metallic sheen very distracting.

    The second set of foggy photos has some good stuff. The one thing I notice is some funky color crossover giving the photos a pink or green cast. I always try to eliminate color cast in neutrals, unless it was natural and really there. Even then, I sometimes get rid of it because it's distracting.

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