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    Sand, Sticks & Sky

    Landscapes don't come naturally to me, but I'm trying to get better. This was taken with a Nikon D7000 and 16-85mm at 16mm.

    Love to get your thoughts and comments.

    Sand, Sticks & Sky-florida-places-5-sunshine-clearwater.jpg

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    Re: Sand, Sticks & Sky

    Lava, this one has 'Salton Sea' written all over it, but actually I don't think it is because I would probably would recognize the spot.

    Anyway, I think you're onto something.. I like the 'progression' and vanishing point. However, it really is too centered, esp vertically, and I would expt with cropping some off the left or right side too. If you have the appropriate filter/effect, I would apply a graduated ND filter to the upper area to darken it, but would still crop some off the top and leave the bottom, which IMHO is more interesting.

    Hope this helps. Interesting location...

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    Re: Sand, Sticks & Sky

    When shooting wide angle I get more aggressive on the composition, get something to really stand out, ie: the sticks ... or the rocks on the foreground
    and also have the tendency to shoot from a low standpoint

    Colors are vibrant !! specially the sky

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    Re: Sand, Sticks & Sky

    If I were shooting this, I would have tried to have the posts closer together, more in a line. But that's just me. Nice photo anyways.

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