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    Predator and (potential) Prey

    I took these two photos last week and realized they go together in an odd sort of way. One is a zoo shot and the other is our new puppy. Both with a Nikon D7000 and 70-200mm lens.

    ISO 1600 190 mm f/5.6 1/1000 on the puppy.
    ISO 500 200mm f/2.8 1/2000 on the jaguar.

    Predator and (potential) Prey-jaguar.jpgPredator and (potential) Prey-family-carson-2014.jpg

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    Re: Predator and (potential) Prey

    Beautiful job... The Jag looks soooo majestic and I like how you got eye level with the puppy.

    What zoo was the Jag at?

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