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    Latest Stuff pt. 2

    As has been my habi of late, I've posted all these in the nature board over the last two weeks, but would appreciate any thoughts and comments you may have. #1, #2, and #4 with a Nikon D70 and #3 and #5 with a Nikon D50. All were taken with a Sigma 50-500mm lens at 1/500 and f/6.3 or f/8, except #4, which was a Nikon 500mm mirror lens. I also used an SB-800 flash for #5.

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    Re: Latest Stuff pt. 2


    My only critique is that in number 1 I would leave a bit more space for the reflection.

    other than that they all looked very good to me.

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    Re: Latest Stuff pt. 2

    These are great, the second image stands out to me, I really like the blurred background and the sharpness of the bird and the posture, really nice work. While I really like the reflections at the top of the first picture, the reflection of the bird's head is a little too distorted, obviously nothing you could do about that other than take your chances and wait...The colours in the fourth image are also very interesting and it almost looks as though the scene could be of an arificial duck it is so calm! Great stuff, keep them coming!!


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    Re: Latest Stuff pt. 2

    Really nice LL. I really like the duck in the duckweed and the dove against that beautiful background.

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    Re: Latest Stuff pt. 2

    LL I think as others stated these are all very nice shots. you are sure making great use of that Sigma 50-500 mm lens. i like the last one #5 the best. It's composition is very simple and yet powerful. the third image troubles me with the branch in fron t of the bird. And number one, i agree with rogers comments. good work
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