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    Glasgow Street Scene

    Minolta Dynax 7, Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 EX DF at 28mm, Ilford Delta 100, f13, 1/8 secs, Orange filter.

    I had to take a photo of a "scene from my local environment" for a course I'm doing so I chose to take a photo of this street in my local neighbourhood in Scotland. This was taken on a frosty winter's day last month around noon - i chose the time because I knew the building would be lit from the side. I wanted to include a moving car in the scene to inject a bit of life into it and also to make the foreground seem less empty - make it more than just a static shot of buildings. I used an orange filter to darken the sky and boost contrast a little. Ideally I wouldn't have clipped off the top of the building and the car would maybe be a bit further forward and not overlap with the parked vehicle behind it.

    Does anyone have any more comments/criticisms? Even if there's nothing specific does this shot "work" for you?
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    Don't get yourself run over, but here's what I would do if I could step into that photo and shoot it again:

    I'd walk down the sidewalk another 5-10 meters, step into the street (lane closest to you) and shoot the building using a wider angle... from one knee... hopefully with no traffic coming from the right and a non-drunken driver from the left.

    This way you create a more dramatic scene because of the angles you're creating in the viewfinder. The building will seem to "loom over" you, while the oncoming car will give the viewer the feel of literally "being on the street".

    I just think you're a bit too far away and there's a bit too much empty space along the left side of the image. Also, it could be the process of converting to the web but the image looks a tad out of focus. If you look at the hand rail down the left side, the edges don't appear to be sharp (although it could be that this is how they actually look).
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    well, this just goes to show there's different strokes for different folks... i like the shot as is. i like the leading lines on the left. my eye is drawn down the sidewalk and the street. i like the building. i like the action of the car. i like this shot alot. thanks for posting.
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