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Thread: abstract#1

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    Like a couple of your abstract shots I commented on last week (I think...), this one is a bit *too abstract*. You need to give a better sense of what it is you're capturing, even though the point is to not show the whole subject. IOW, it's good to give the viewer a real hint about what they're seeing, and then take away just enough to make them wonder. At least that's my approach; obviously these things are subjective so there's really no "right way".

    Here I think you've abstracted to the point of completely obscuring what it is that you've shot. This could be a part of a painting, a muddy puddle, a satellite picture of the Nile Delta... any number of things. And at least the way I look at it, I sort of lose the will to "figure it out" as soon as I realize there's no "hint" or larger context. That's not to say you should spell it out for us (verbally or otherwise), just that I get immediately stumped and so it sort of short-circuits my interest in the photo / why you took it.

    Another example was the one where (I think) you zoomed in on part of a concrete wall, in order to show the converging lines made by the concrete seams. Now, had that shot been cropped a bit less and (for example) shown the shadown from a tree or a person (or even a car)... it might've drawn the viewer in a bit more to wonder "where is this wall; what's that person doing there?" That's not to say such shadows existed there, but rather you should seek out those abstract scenes with the "extra element of interest"....

    Keep them coming; I'm sure you'll hit the mark just by using a bit "wider" eye.

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