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    Writing a release for a business

    My situation is as follows. I am going to be taking some photos for my cousin to use for his business. He own/runs his own auto repair shop. He just wants a few pictures to put in fliers to mail out (you know those val-pack envelopes), and possibly some door hangers. First off do you have any suggestions on poses/situations that I should shoot?? As far as I know right of the bat he may just want a picture of him and his 3 other employees standing in front of their shop/sign. But here is where the release comes in. I want to create something that also protects my cousin in the case that an employee leaves that he doesn't have to re-publish all his advertising. I also would like to be able to use the photos for the sole purpose of promoting myself if they actually turn out decent.

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    Re: Writing a release for a business

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