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    Question Web Site Photo Store Script/Program?

    I'm looking for a script/program for my Web site that will allow my clients to log in so only they can see their portraits (password-protected gallery with shopping cart) and buy them via credit card (direct online, not saved into a database for off-line charging) on the site - but I also need a public area of the site where anybody can buy (via credit card, direct online) prints offered to the public.

    I'm not looking for a site host, a monthly subscription site, a shopping cart that looks like an amateur built it fifteen years ago, etc.

    I will be doing the paper prints myself to a certain size and outsourcing giclees and extra large paper prints to a local company, so I don't necessarily need a cart that will send orders to printing companies (gift items like mugs and such sound like a cute idea, but are definitely not priorities or deal-breakers).

    I have seen a few monthly-fee sites that otherwise have some good features (but I don't want a site host and don't want to pay a monthly fee), but they look terrible and far from professional.

    Any recommendations?


    ETA: To clarify, I am talking about no monthly fees for just the shopping cart script/program itself. Obviously credit card abilities are a whole separate thing and require fees!

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    Re: Web Site Photo Store Script/Program?

    I've been using Gallery2 and have been pretty happy with it. If you're not looking for hosting then I'm guessing you are at least web-savy enough to install it on your server. This program is very stable and highly configurable with several thousand templates and plug-ins available including a dozen payment processing options (I had been using Coppermine, but like this FAR better)
    I would probably stay clear of Gallery3 for the time being as it's targeted more to the casual user that doesn't want to configure/modify or be confronted with a lot of choices.

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    Re: Web Site Photo Store Script/Program? has a full feature store and you can password protect your events. They use a very high quality lab out in L.A. that services Hollywood. Been with them for 3 years now. Great stuff.
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    Re: Web Site Photo Store Script/Program?

    I have been using and been really happy with the service and TLC. Password Galleries if you want them, watermarks(your own or use theirs) I been with them for a few years now, signed up in 2006. You have two labs to work with there. Lots of things you can do to customize your site. I am a little rusty but I could build my own site and figured why bother when I like what they have to offer me as a photographer.
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    Re: Web Site Photo Store Script/Program?

    Hi Wavy,

    We've just finished some software that does exactly what you're after. It's a one off payment that you can install on your server.

    The link is - Let me know if you have any questions about it and I can help you out.



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