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    watermarks and copy rights?

    If I was embed a water mark with the copy right logo and say "Ten Toes Photography".Or should one just use his/her own name. Is there any legal ramifications with selling the photos with out having a business license.
    I know this may be vague question, just wondering.
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    Re: watermarks and copy rights?

    I'm curious too...Maybe the fact that I'm not an adult, I could get away with it?
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    Re: watermarks and copy rights?

    Many areas don't require a license to have a photography business, although this is changing rapidly due to legal issues, especially dealing with children.. I do not have a license but have my name as the name of the business and legal papers from court dealings always come with my name and so on such as JSPhotography DBA, even from the local court where everyone knows me because of my work with the papers in the area.

    Partly why I use my name is that everyone in the area knows me anyway, but also because my camera puts my name in all files with the Exif info. That just makes tracking things easier.
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    Re: watermarks and copy rights?

    Quote Originally Posted by JSPhoto
    Many areas don't require a license to have a photography business,
    Itís a good idea. ,
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    Re: watermarks and copy rights?

    They may not require a license, but if you are doing business, especially with a name other than your own, you should register it, and make sure you have all your tax work in order.

    Say you copyright with 10 toes photography, but don't register it anywhere or pay taxes. Someone else could use that same name, lift your images, and the fact that they are watermarked means nothing. Also, suppose someone in your area decides they want to use that same name. If you are not licenced or registered, and they decide to use it, and register it, you are out of luck. May not be a big deal if you are just starting out, but if you are pretty well established, it would probably suck.

    Also, if you are making money, you should be claiming it on your taxes, especially if you are hoping to continue selling your prints/services. I guess there are lucky people who just pocket it all, and no one ever knows, but I wouldn't count on that. Also, the IRS watches photography businesses more carefully, because it's easy to write off all your equipment, say you are a business, and the never make any money for them.
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