Is there a good resource for me to learn about the good and bad of trying to sell stock photos without actually doing it and falling on my face? I read some posts here and a blog. The blog made it sound like it was too easy to be true.

I take pix all the time and have so many that might actually be good stock photos-- I can't sell them as art or they have really no other use to me except taking up hard disk space. I figure it even a few people could use them, that makes them possibly worth something.

Some of questions I want to answer are:

  • Can I really make money doing this? Or am I just making a company a ton of money and working too hard preparing and uploading them?
  • Do I have to pay the sites I post the stock photos on some minimal fee or for storage?
  • What are good sites? And why are they good?
  • How can you tell if my photos are getting good exposure to graphics designers looking for photos?
Since I'm so ignorant, there are probably questions I don't even know I should ask.