If this is not the appropriate place for this I apologize in advance and ask where this would be appropriate on the is board. I am seeking partner with a photographer the specialized in school and youth sports photography in the NYC Metro area. I personally am not a photographer, but through another business I operate I have a number of hobbist/semi-pro photographers under my wing and I feel that this business would be a great compliment to what my team currently does. My knowledge of this business is quite limited and hence I would want to associate myself with a photographer that is

My plan is to market the services on my own and use my staff to fulfill the orders. I would rely on the photographer to provide guidance and access to resources such as necessary equipment and back end processing of orders.

If this is of interest please reply with contact info. and we can start a dialogue to discuss what arrangement would make sense for both parties.

Again I apologize if this isn't supposed to be posted here and if so please direct me to where I can post this.