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    In search for ink

    I dont have a clue whats avail. out there,but i am loking for a safe ink to use my logo stamp on the back of my Sport photos I shoot at events.
    I just ran into an issue with the ink I have now -it is not permanent ink and smudges.
    I have asked anyone I can think of locally and they had no clue where to send me??
    Anything I did find seemed to not work well with photo paper.

    Anyone have some suggestions where to go ?
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    Re: In search for ink

    any ink that is permanant will bleed thru the paper eventually and ruin the photo. You might want to try a lab that will print your copyright info (if that's your concern) on the back when they print the photo. A lot of online labs do this..

    You could also make your logo into a brush, and apply it to the corner of the file in PS, then it will print right on the photo, no worries about ink drying or bleeding.

    If you are dead set on stamping your images, try Staz On, you can find it at Michaels or somewhere similar. I think it's a scrapbooking ink.
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    Re: In search for ink

    check here, list of ink companies, hope it helps
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