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Thread: Release forms??

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    Release forms??

    ok, I'm not a photographer, but I can't figure this out has a photo of a celebrity with a fan [not me]. They didn't get this person to sign a release form, and the photo is available to be purchased/redistributed ect. Was a release form needed? Can this person complain?

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    Re: Release forms??

    It would depend on a number of factors. Was the photo taken originally by a journalist or a commercial photographer with the intention of selling it to GetttyImages? How prominent is the fan in the photo? Was it taken at a public event in a public place? (i.e. not behind stage etc.)

    The individual circumstances make a difference but most photos where an individual is prominent in the photo and it is used for commercial purposes, should include a photo release.


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    Re: Release forms??

    Always get a release when you can. CYA and all that.

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