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    question regarding pricing ...`

    i'm not sure if this should go here, but it is 3am and i may not be thinking straight.

    I have a client/friend who wants 11x14s of 4 images. I'm thinking 40$ each? is that a good deal?

    oh and, I'd REALLY like to have one printed up as a watercolor on canvas, but I highly doubt the film can get to 16x20 and still look good. (i haven't shot film in a long time and my digital died on me at the shoot, so i used my film backup)
    What do you think?


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    Re: question regarding pricing ...`

    35mm? i printed to 16x20 regularly with film.

    if you haven't set any prices beforehand, it's hard to charge after. My 11x14's are closer to $200, but everyone knows this going in, so they aren't suprised after the fact. if $40 covers your costs, and makes the profit you need it to, then yeah, that's a good price.

    there is a business forum, further down the list.
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