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    Question about taking football pictures.

    I have taken pictures at college football games before just for myself and I have given a few away to other fans. I have had a few people wanting to buy some but I have always refused. What is my legal right in taking pictures at a college game? When would cross that illgal boundary? I have a few that I have did some black and white paint, I would like to enter in a few contest. Can I do that or not? I just don't want to wake up with a law suit over my head. All comments all welcomed.
    Thanks for your help.
    Jeff Allen

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    Re: Question about taking football pictures.

    NCAA college football? You probably shouldn't even be giving them away.

    The NCAA frowns upon selling images of college athletes. If you're serious about selling the pictures of the players, contact the athletic director at your college and get permission to sell photos.

    You might be able to enter the image into a contest, but it depends on the contest rules. Images of college athletes cannot be used commercially, so any contest that would require the image to be displayed in advertisements probably should be avoided.
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