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Thread: Pricing Help

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    Pricing Help

    How do I go about chosing a pricing method for my photos? What do I base it on other than my competition? Any help would be great. Thank you

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    Re: Pricing Help

    Again I am no expert, but maybe you could do a web search for stock photography and get a feel for what you have to pay for that. I only went to one or two sites, but one was charging $499.00 for 80 images.I certainly don't want to give you wrong advise that would cost you a client, or you money, but a google search would be a start. Also you could look at other photographers sites and see what they charge. I am in this for fun and have never sold prints and may never...
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    Re: Pricing Help

    Please please please invest in FotoBiz/FotoQuote.

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    Re: Pricing Help

    If I were you, I will collect all price info from local studios as my main reference, then I will collect such info from websites for more references.
    The law allows you to get someone else price list and change the title to become your price list anyhow.
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    Re: Pricing Help

    Basing your prices off what someone else's are is stupid.

    Okay, I don't mean that in a harsh and mean way, but you don't know what that other person is basing thier prices on.

    Suppose the person you are basing your pricing on prices like this...

    cost of an 8x10.....$2...maybe $4 if you mount them. Since this person is digital that's the only hard cost. So they price thier 8x10 at $10 and makes a profit. WRONG

    You have to figure in camera cost/maintenence/upgrades, computer software/upgrades/hardware, do you use a cell phone for business? Add that in. Do you travel at all? Even half hour away? Add in the cost of milage. Packaging? Website? Shipping? Office supplies? If you have a studio, or want a studio, add in utilities, rent/lease/mortgage, furnishings, displays...the list goes on and on.

    The only way to really price your work is to figure out what it costs you. What it really costs you. Are you selling 1 print a year? Fine, sell it for $20. But if you are looking at doing it seriously and frequently, you need to look at all these other things.
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