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    Photo Hosting

    So I've wasted most of the day looking around for a place to host my photos after deleting my flikr account. I found flikr to be too complicated and it seemed like I had a lot of trouble getting things to work the way I wanted. Plus the layout looks very dated. I originally was thinking about creating my own site using a free web host. I tried weebly, wordpress, tripod and tumblr, all to no avail. I looked at several of the paid options, but was worried that the money back guarantee, if I didn't like them, was going to be a pain. So for now I've settled with photobucket and as soon as I can get home (I'm stuck in a snow storm where I go to school) I'm going to to try loading some photos to check its functionality. In the meantime can anyone offer up any ideas of website building and hosting companies that maybe cater to photographers and aren't overly expensive? Thanks in advance...
    Feel free to edit my images, just let me know what you did.

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    Re: Photo Hosting

    Funny enough i have been doing the same thing over the last week and finished up
    going for photobucket
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    Re: Photo Hosting It's the simplest UI I've seen and it works....bulk uploading too and templates and photo editing. Easy peasy.

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