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    NPPA - is it worth it?

    Well seeing as I missed the summer internship deadline for the big paper around here, and I was told it was listed on the NPPA's job section (which in my mind is total BS because you have to be a member to even view it) I'm thinking of forking out the 65 dollars for membership. Is anyone here a member, and in your mind is it really worth it?

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    Re: NPPA - is it worth it?


    I don't have any info to help you out Brent, but I thought I would bump this post, since I would be interested in hearing what members have to say also.

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    Re: NPPA - is it worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by livin4lax09 your mind is it really worth it?
    Brent, I can't answer yes or no for you, but I can tell you that $65 is really cheap for a good trade org membership. The NPPA site seems to offer a lot of resources, too.

    Full and part-time pros have to make these kinds of decisions all the time. There are a lot of groups and sites that have much to offer at a price.

    Think of it this way: if you scored a single job from the info on their site, it would cover the cost of a year's membership...
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    Re: NPPA - is it worth it?

    I have thought about joining them for a couple years, only one thing bothers me though, and thats a lack or appearance thereof, of activity in their forum. They don't seem to be very active. I do know one member there but never have gotten to talk to him about it. seems to be a better choice at this point.

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