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    Newspaper question

    I recently when out with the ski team from my college to a race a squaw valley to get some shots. I put them on a disk and gave them to a member of the team and told him if you use them for anything make sure i get credit for it. Well i woke up this morning, made some coco and grabbed the sports section. I saw a photo I took front and center cropped and printed 7x7. Of course i looked long and hard to find any mention of my name and there wasnt. So now for my quesion; are news papers required to credit a photographer for his work? The file had my name written all over it. All i know is the PR lady at my school was given the disk and turned them into the newspaper. Im not too angry and im probably going to watermark the hell out of **** now but I really would like to know what the deal is here.
    Here is the link to the web page.
    Let me know what you guys think.


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    Re: Newspaper question

    The newspaper contention would be that the College took the photos for PR purposes and I am sure that the PR lady at the school did not indicate that there were any "strings" or conditions attached to their use, possibly because she was not even aware of your wish for credit.

    Put it down to a learning experience and don't give away photos or at the very least put them on a contact sheet or in some other limited use form....but definitely not in original quality. That way someone has to come back to you, if they want to use them for a large print etc.


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    Re: Newspaper question

    Stay away from newspapers unless you sell the pix upfront with full copyright release.

    I "gave" a pic to the daily camera in boulder for advocacy purposes a year ago. It was printed with credit to me, despite no payment. However, I didn't release copyrights for more than a single printing.

    Three weeks ago it appeared again with the credit reading "Camera file photo."

    I'm still debating making a stink about it but in the end, so far, I decided to take it as Ronnoco said, "lesson learned."

    However, you should contact them and point this out.

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    Re: Newspaper question

    Every newspaper has a different policy on photos, there is no standard for how they have to deal with them, and 90% of the time any photo submitted to them they "assume" that party or organization has the rights to the photo and unless stated otherwise they will run it as "photo submitted". I had it happen once, and only once as I contacted the offending paper, the next week I got a check in the mail for double my normal rate. Thats mainly because they should have known better, I was the track photographer and it was a victory lane shot and I was the only one allowed to take those photos, and they had bought those from me for over a year....this one the driver submitted and he was :cryin: because I didn't submit one from "his" 6th or 7th win of the season....go figure. Well he didn't get anymore in the paper that year, and the only one the following year was him hitting the wall .....paybacks are a ...... :thumbsup:
    In this particular case the paper assumed that whoever took the photo did so as either a student journalist or whatever. Since it was aschool administrator who submitted them they are covered.

    My suggestion is this, since they apparently liked the shot give the sports editor a call, tell them it was your photo and if they could use a stringer you'd be interested, unless of course your not interested in doing it. but it can't hurt to try, the worst they can say is no, but if they say yes then you may earn a few $$ to shoot more things.

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