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    How to Sell Photos

    I have someone who wants to use my photos for commercial purposes and I want to charge them. What is the proper way to sell them? More specifically what is the proper way to license the photos and do "shared" licensing rights?

    I want to use paypal to receive the payments, is that all I should do or is there some written legal documentation that is needed?

    P.S. I would just like to send them in digital format through e-mail to the buyer.

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    Re: How to Sell Photos

    well honestly you have to determine how much your piece is worth - let the buyer know and then recieve payment. its really as easy as it sounds. if the buyer is willing it'll go smoothly. If youre selling it though - its unproffesional and not too great to send them the digital image, unless thats specifically what they requested. its best to send them an actual (high quality) print.

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    Re: How to Sell Photos

    To add to the last comment. It would be very beneficial to you to write up a legal document yourself for yourself and or company stating the shared publishing rights. It just keeps both parties honest because even a legal money trail can cause some legal difficulties with rights. And I agree with the fore mentioned statement on sending them a high quality print, it's just more professional.

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    Re: How to Sell Photos

    Hi, Toda. Welcome to PR.

    The first question you have to ask yourself is "What do I think my work is worth?"

    The second question is "What will my client be willing to pay?" This isn't easy to answer, and it will take a lot of experience.

    Now, its common to want to get the business, so many new businessmen will adjust their prices to get the sale. Negotiate, but don't go below what you think your work is worth. If you do that, you undervalue yourself and make it easier for others to take advantage of you in the future.
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    Re: How to Sell Photos

    There are sample contracts on the net and at that was already mentioned in this forum. Basically you need to know in specific terms the projected use of your photos as in ads, billboards, magazines, newspapers???

    In terms of a bare minimum of rights that you would want to retain: You would still want to be able to use these photos in your personal portfolio in applying for other work. You would also definitely not want the company making further profit from your work by reselling them after use to a third party. You may also want to restrict some rights until you see the use and general success of your photos and then later determine a cost for further rights. You may want your name as photographer in some uses.

    Rights form a basis for negotiating price and a lower price means fewer rights. That is how you deal with the money issue.

    When you reach agreement you need a letter or contract very specifically mentioning rights, cost, payment etc. that is signed by both you and the company, along with the payment.


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    Re: How to Sell Photos

    Hey man first identify your market that what type of people are searching for your kind of photos.... After a small survey you will come to know that who is interested.

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    Re: How to Sell Photos

    I would HIGHLY recommend getting Fotoquote. It's on sale now- 30% off (only $104.95) and it's filled with all the information you would need to price just about any type of image sale.

    It's a small but VERY worth investment that will educate you and which can potentially save you both money and damage that you could do to yourself and other photographers if you come out with a price that's wildly off the mark.
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