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    Hourly rate

    Did my first glamour shoot sunday. Fo me it was practice, because the model wants me to retouch all the images she likes. I am charging my standard fee for pints, buttold her that is for just the prints and retouching was extra. For me, I think I should charge by the hour, because I don't think my work is good enough to just set a flat rate. I'm thinking $50 and hour is reasonable, but I do not want to cut my throat. Does this sound like a reasonable wage?

    Also, I was asked what my fee for shooting the pictures was. I had no idea. I still have no idea. I took about 190 pics and about half were usable. I had about 50 miles of travel to and from the location and had all my equipment already. I have no point of reference to decide my fee. can someone give me a place to start? Again, I was figuring $50 at a min per hour + travel + wear and tear(?)

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    Re: Hourly rate

    Hey there...well i dont know about your area's normal fee's but i guess wherever you are in the states or anywhere else in the world for that matter! Charging a flat fee has nothing to do with how good you think your work is...

    Its good enough for you to get jobs...that's all you need to you get better the job offers get more....abundant let's say...

    The price range I know from a couple of photographers I worked with (i was the client..well representing the client anyway) and they charged roughly..or on average $2000 per day of according to what you would like to charge per hour, that would mean 40 hours.... now they are experienced photographers each with about 15-20 years of experience...i would say cutting it in half or more and including in that price all retouching...would be flat $500/day including retouching of specific photos...

    Sounds fair start for definitely don't want to go too cheap at might get clients used to your lower wages.....

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