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    A Helpful Reference? I Hope So!

    I hope purchasing this reference volume will be of help to fellow board members:


    I would never be comfortable without my own, private copy.
    A veritable treasure house of information, constantly updated.

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    Re: A Helpful Reference? I Hope So!

    Thank you friend for your reference, It will help me a lot because I am just a ameature photographer. But I think I have that potential to grow, but need some little help and little guidance. Right now I don't know much about Digital photography. so if any one tell me Any good schools for digital photography near Chicago then it will help me a lot.

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    Re: A Helpful Reference? I Hope So!

    That is a valuable publication. They have the same thing for writers. Every time I look at one I think I should buy it, but I never do. Maybe I'd sell more photos if I did.

    It's also a useful reference for figuring the value of photos. Editorial value is usually low. But it's still useful. Some magazines that you wouldn't think would pay well do. And some that you'd think would, don't.

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