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    Help me pick a new logo

    I think this is the correct place for my question... It isn't business law, but if there is a better spot...

    Anyway, I need a logo. I sort have one, but i want a better one.
    I like this graphic designer's designs and I'd rather not spend a small fortune on this project.
    Stock Logos
    her stock is only 25$. i can live with that. There are a couple that I really like and I just can't make up my mind! ARGH. Anyway, there are a few that I know i won't pick cause I've seen other people use them via her blog.

    I'm open to everyone's 2cents. Please share. Which ones do you like and why... oh, i'm leaning towards: Black, Off White, and cranberry as the colors. the cranberry being minimal.

    oh and it would say: Kathryn Photography
    So, the initial ones are out as I don't care for KP. lol

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    Re: Help me pick a new logo

    katt, personally I like nos. 13 and 32. IMHO, they are elegant without being ostentatious. Ultimately, of course, you have to decide - which one "feels" like you and conveys the "image" you want to convey. HTH


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    Re: Help me pick a new logo

    I prefer 21 & 37 based on readability. I was told by several pros last year that the fonts I had chosen for my watermarks made them difficult to read, and that they should be streamlined, so I redesigned them for '10 with something more legible - that's what I've based my choices on.

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    Re: Help me pick a new logo


    This set of logos look reasonably priced, but most are one's you could do something very similar yourself. Maybe design is not your bag so $25 is a fair price.

    If you are going to use this as a logo on your photos, i.e. a watermark or 'signature' I feel that the simpler the better and most of these logos are too complex beyond just the text/script versions. These logos are quite color dependent. Most of them if you view them as B/W or monotone are just O.K.

    If you want to use them for stationery (letterhead, invoices, business cards and sales collateral) then there's a dozen good choices depending upon your taste! Your photograph signature could be extracted from or use a portion of one of these logos dependent upon how much you want to clutter up the image.

    As an example, #37 has a 'monogram' initial as part of the design that you could just use the "K" for Kathryn and avoid the dreadful kp! This would provide visual consistency across the various uses of the logo. Just check with the designer to see if they'd 'extract' a usable additional monogram logo for you to keep everything consistent.

    This site looks like it wants to sell the stationery products too so they may not want to do an artwork 'package' and $25 would be a steal if they did.

    I hope this is some help and Good Luck. Look forward to seeing what you choose.
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    Re: Help me pick a new logo

    Kat you pay for what you get. If it is $25 then it isn't custom and has meaning. You should look on craigslist for a designer and offer like $150 at minimum. Pay more, get more is my theory.

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