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    Government small business loans

    A am thinking of working up to going into business for myself. I make way too much to go fulltime just yet, but I want to take my photography to the next level. I have been asked to shoot 2 wedidngs (I really do not wanna do weddings, but work is work) and am constanty asked to sell my pics. I have even got the promise of doing the League sportraits next season. I do not habe the equipment, nor the expendable income to buy it. I have to turn down business due to the fact I can only take pictures, not print them. So....

    I have been looking into a government Small business loan. There is no competition in my town, so the business should be there. Anybody have any tips?
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    Re: Government small business loans

    If your only roadblock is not being able to print, find an online lab. There are a zillion that you can upload your photos to, and they ship them right to your door. There are also online "stores" that you can sell your photos from.

    I'd be hesitant to take out a loan on the promise of two weddings and League portraits. If you are going to take out a loan, my understanding is that they want a business plan, and some sort of indication that you have a goal in mind, and a route to get there.

    My suggestion would be get the business based on what you can do now, and then re-evaluate in a few months. You may decide you hate being in business, or you may find that you are doing well with your current setup. Or you may decide that a loan is your best route.

    Good luck.
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