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    Default Theft and liability insurance for wedding photographers - PPA?

    Did you hear about the Liability and Theft insurance offered through Professional Photographer of America (PPA)?
    Can you recommend it? I would like to have theft and liability.
    Would I participate in the insurance program automatically once I become a member or I have to pay for it extra? I am a little bit confused? Please advise!

    Thanks! Priscilla

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    Re: Default Theft and liability insurance for wedding photographers - PPA?

    Pretty sure it's an extra charge, based on value of equipment as well as other factors. ASMP offer similar (maybe even the exact same underwriting company).

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    Re: Default Theft and liability insurance for wedding photographers - PPA?

    I believe you buy the insurance through the insurance company PPA is affiliated with. I am currently working on getting a quote from Hill & Usher for liability & theft.

    You do get indemnity insurance for free as a PPA member though. Hopefully I never have to use it though!
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