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    Lightbulb Creative Commons - No Copyright


    I've been an avid photographer since I got my first D SLR eight years ago. In that time, I've captured thousands of images. At a time during college I entertained the idea of being a photojournalist, or at least some kind of professional photographer. However, I eventually decided to just shot photos as hobby/life pursuit. I have no interest in generating revenue from my photographs. Capturing images is more important for me, than the actual image itself. Similar to the journey is important not the destination analogy.

    A few months ago I created a blog to, in a sense, give away my photographs for creative commons use. This of course is a personal decision that everyone may not share.

    There is a question I really want an answer to: What's the point of copyrighting/watermarking images as an amateur? Are we doing our self a disservice restricting use of our work? There is a wide variety of creative commons releases available for images to accommodate everyone's preference.

    Please give me comments and thoughts on my project and your perception of creative commons image releases.

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    Re: Creative Commons - No Copyright

    What's the point of copyrighting/watermarking images as an amateur?

    To keep someone from taking credit for your work if you post it on line, and yes lost of people steal others work all the time.
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