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    contracts for event services

    Greetings from soggy NY.
    Just got blindsided by a major client who runs a big Memorial Day Weekend show that I have covered for the past three years. No problems or complaints. Worked well did a great job.No reason to to worry right?
    Well now she tells me that the "old" photographer wants to come back so I am not needed. So now I have to cancel all plans and try and find something for that weekend.If I had been notified sooner I wouldn't have minded so much. Then I could go after other jobs.
    This is a sign of the times. More competition and event solicitation. I know business can be cold but there should be a way to protect myself from these suprises.Events tend to be rather casual.You are there at the whim of the sponser.
    Perhaps some kind of contract? Something simple outlining service with a cancellation notification date.
    This way there is a comittment by both parties.
    Does anyone use a contract for events?
    Good shooting.

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    Re: contracts for event services

    Sure a contract plus a percentage deposit which varies with the complexity and planning involved for the photographer/videographer. Deposit is not refundable, if cancellation is too close to the event. You set the time according to the nature of the event and the necessary preplanning involved.

    This forces them to be better organized and not subject to whims and last minute changes which kick you out of the picture.


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