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    the best schools in north america?

    I'm new to this board, and i'm unsure if this this the proper place to post this question, but i thought i'd give it a shot.

    I have a university degree in media studies, and have been doing freelance photography work for the past 3 years, while also working for a school newspaper as photographer.

    I own a D70 as well as a few other film SLRs and i'm looking to learn some very logical, technical and necessary skills in order to give me a better advantage in the market (i also want to explore medium and large format photography).

    I am looking to go to school in either Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, California or New York. Las Vegas is also an option.

    If anyone has recomendations for colleges/schools in these areas which are up to par with current industry standards, i would greatly appreciated your input.


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    Re: the best schools in north america?

    This definitely does NOT belong in this forum. Move it to viewfinder or off topic.


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    Re: the best schools in north america?

    If you're looking at Photojournalism, check out Columbia College in Chicago. John White teaches there (or used to) and he's one of the greats. Not sure if he's still shooting, but he worked for years for the Chicago Sun Times.

    They have a j-school program but I know nothing about it other than that. I'm sure it's very good if John White is associated with it. I thought (more like daydreamed) about it a few years ago as a career change - wouldn't happen for me but let us know how it goes!

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