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The surgeon at Rama IX Hospital said that "hernia" is any organ in the abdomen that moves to form a hole with a membrane protruding. Wearing or not wearing underwear is equally likely to have a hernia because underwear cannot strengthen the abdominal wall.

Causes of hernia
Factors that cause a hernia are:

Congenital abnormalities of the abdomen

Increasing age

There was a serious accident with the abdomen.

Have high abdominal pressure caused by heavy lifting

Frequent coughing or sneezing

Have frequent feces or urination

The abdominal wall is weak after abdominal surgery.


Have obesity

In males, there is a greater risk than females from the above factors. Causing the belief that not wearing underwear will cause hernia Not true super slot

The most common male hernia in men is inguinal hernia (inguinal hernia), which is most common in men aged 40 years and older. If the condition is present for a long time, a lump is found in the groin along with severe abdominal pain. The hernia enlarges and flows down the testes. Lead to complications such as intestinal obstruction