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Thread: Pentax Km?

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    Pentax Km?

    I've always been very into photography, and my husbands friend is selling his Pentax KM with a DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL kit lens. I love photography, but have never made the leap to an SLR camera yet but would like to soon, and was looking at the Rebels but now where we could get this one for what I think is a good deal I was wondering what kind of quality this camera is. I've been reasearching online, but would love an opinion of someone who knows about Pentax cameras and especailly has experience with this camera. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Pentax Km?

    Hi Angelarose...Welcome to PR...I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but yesterday was extremely hectic for me.

    As for your question, the Pentax is one of the finest cameras in the world and has a long history of top quality cameras. For me, the quality of the camera and it's ability to use any of it's lenses on all of it's cameras is especially useful.

    I use both Pentax and Nikon at the moment, but I prefer my Pentax for it's ease of use and it's sturdy build. To me, the picture quality is about the same for both cameras.

    I don't know anything specific about the KM. I have checked our site for a review of it, but I can only find one on the k2000 which is basically the same camera, if I remember right.

    I will say this much. The lense and camera combination you are considering, if both are in good condition, will be a good starting combination for you.

    I hope this helps a little. Good luck and let us know what you decide!!

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    Re: Pentax Km?

    Yes, the KM and K2000 are the same camera.
    From ISO 100 to 400 as good as any entry level DSLR.
    Being able to easily use old lenses is plus I'm just getting into.
    Here's a shot from my K7 with a takumar 135 3.5, wide open.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pentax Km?-imgp1109rs.jpg  
    Look through a glass eye.
    Give it a few tries.
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    Re: Pentax Km?

    Hi, It is a good camera. here are some user reviews.
    With pentax you can use older lenses that are available cheaply second hand. Pentax were always famed for the quality of the lenses.
    The 18-55mm is the 'kit lens' that usually comes with the camera. It is one of the better ones compared with other brands.
    With Pentax you will get some jealousy from the Nikon/Canon herd as they wield their great plasticy lumps. Pentax has always gone for compact

    have fun
    K-5 some len

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    Re: Pentax Km?

    Here's a review of the Km on the Pentax Forum. I used a K10D for a long time (it has the same sensor), and you'll do fine with it as a first DSLR. At ISO 100, the IQ is still impressive, and quite acceptable to ISO 400. After that, you'd probably want to apply post-processing software noise reduction. This was shot with my K10D (and a DA35mm Ltd. Macro lens):

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    Re: Pentax Km?

    i don's know that

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