I was able to get a Pentax K 30 by spending my airmiles.
It was such a great Camera, and I took it hiking in the mountains and especially liked that I could be in the photo by using the infa red remote shutter control.

Everything went great for several years, then one day the camera started not responding to the settings . I asked the Pentax dealers here in Calgary and was told it would have to be sent back to Pentax because there are no longer repair shops.

It seems the major camera manufactures dont sell parts to repair shops.

The camera worked some times and not others, finally it just quit all together , by this time I was very frustrated with no proper service , and a great camera that would be far to expensive to have repaired ( shipping and the 3 month wait ) .

I was in Merida Mexico when it gave up.

I also gave up and left it in my hotel garbage can when I checked out.
What a pity we are held hostage by manufacturers wanting all the profit for themselves.