Nikon announced the release of new firmware for the Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras on April 26, including the Z50, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II, and Z7 II, with improvements at Added as follows

Details in the new firmware of all 6 cameras
Nikon ทดลองเล่นสล็อต Z6 II and Z7 II firmware 1.20 Improved autofocus (AF) and eye detection systems that are more accurate and fast, even in low light or when using an optional flash. Better tracking of objects

Z7 and Z6 firmware 3.30 and Z50 firmware 2.10 can record the current focus position when the camera is turned off. And can be restored when activated the next time In addition, the Z6 also adds a function of recording / playing voice messages. This is the first model in the Z series to support this feature. Which was my favorite in the D6 (this function of the Z6 II will come later)

Z5 firmware 1.10 focuses more quickly when shooting in Low-Light AF mode.

All firmware can be downloaded from April 26, 2021 at: https: //