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    New to DSLR's - need help

    I was in to film slr's and have a Canon S2IS and a Canon A 590IS.

    I am now in the mood to buy a dslr and rid myself of the problems of camera not taking the picture when the shutter is pushed, etc.

    I am wondering if I should try to buy a camera that will allow me to use my Tamron Adaptall 2 lens's (500mm, 80 X 210, 35 X 80, 28mm and a 2X converter) as well as buying the kit lens.

    I can't decide how much I will use the new automatic lens and just how much I would really use the old manual lens.

    I don't know for sure if an adaptor is made to allow the old Tamron Adaptall 2 lens to be used on all camera brarnds or will I be limited to one?

    I am leaning toward a Pentax K2000 for now.

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    Re: New to DSLR's - need help

    I think you could get some use out of the 500mm. Go price a new digital one. I would lean more towards something I could use it with. If you check out ebay they make adapters that will fit almost any lens to any DSLR. But the only drawback is having to shoot fully manual. I sent a couple of adapters out over in the Olympus forum for some of the members to try out. Check the link. That reminds me I need to find out who has the adapters now.:idea:
    The OM test for PR members
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    Re: New to DSLR's - need help

    Thanks, Greg

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