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    New Body and Lens from Pentax

    The K-r line of Pentax bodies has been announced.

    The new camera will offer 12.4 MP, 100-25,600 iso 6fps, 720p video, choice of color (black, white, red) 1/6000 speed shutter, 3 inch LCD, and many of the features we come to expect from Pentax. The body is set to sell for $899.

    Here is a Pentax video about the K-r

    There is also a new lens. the smc PENTAX DA35 mm F2.4 AL.
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    Re: New Body and Lens from Pentax

    Thanks for pointing that out, Tom. I've got an article up on it now. It looks like another competitive DSLR from Pentax - especially for photographers who need speed. I think the K-r could be a sleeper sports camera. Here's my annnouncement article:

    New Pentax K-r Digital SLR Announced >>

    Please add your own thoughts on the Pentax K-r in the comments section!

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