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    Sep 2008

    Hello from Eastern Canada - Pentax shooter

    Hello, I was invited to join from a friend that also shoots Pentax. Looks like a great place to hang out and learn.
    I'm in Prince Edward Island, shoot with a K10D and *istD. Have a bag full of various lenses and shot my first stuff with a then, new, K1000 and a used Spotty around 26 years ago.

    Giving serious thought toward a K20D but might wait till Photokina just to see what happens to the K20D and it's price.

    I mainly shoot landscape and try my hand at wildlife. Paid work has been becoming a bigger part of my time as well as my income.

    Cya on the forums!

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    The red headed step child jgredline's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Los Angeles, Ca

    Re: Hello from Eastern Canada - Pentax shooter

    Hey, peter,
    εὐχαριστέω σύ
    αποκαλυπτεται γαρ οργη θεου απ ουρανου επι πασαν ασεβειαν και αδικιαν ανθρωπων των την αληθειαν εν αδικια κατεχοντων
    διοτι το γνωστον του θεου φανερον εστιν εν αυτοις ο γαρ θεος αυτοις εφανερωσεν
    τα γαρ αορατα αυτου απο κτισεως κοσμου τοις ποιημασιν νοουμενα καθοραται η τε αιδιος αυτου δυναμις και θειοτης εις το ειναι αυτους αναπολογητους

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    Aug 2001
    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


    Welcome to the site, Peter! I've used and enjoyed both the K10D and the *ist D. And I also used to live in the Maritimes - Fredericton. Moved away when I was 8 years old and haven't been back. That's a trip I need to make. Anyway, good to have another Pentax user on the site. Just so you know, user reviews are the foundation of the site and we could use reviews for your cameras and lenses. You can navigate to your cameras and lenses by using the "Reviews" tab at the top of the page. And if you scroll up a bit you'll see there are some Pentax review links just above the forum.

    Looking forward to seeing you here regularly!

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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    Dec 2007
    Sandy UT

    Re: Hello from Eastern Canada - Pentax shooter

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay.
    Jim R

    Canon 5D mkII - Canon 17-40mm f/4L, Canon 50mm f/1.4, Canon 70-200 f/2.8L, Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro

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    May 2005
    Platteville, WI, United States

    Re: Hello from Eastern Canada - Pentax shooter

    Welcome Peter to PR. We are a very supportive and helpful resource for your future photography needs and look forward to any pointers you can give us. Please feel free ask us anything you need to know and please, jump in with any thing you want to share. With your experience and your gear, our new Gear Showcase Challenge may be something you might be interested in getting involved with. Just break out some of your favorite gear and post some photos that you've taken with that gear. It's that simple.
    We hope that people with similar gear will also share their experiences as well.
    Also, as Photo John requested, please, when you get a chance, give us a review of some of your equipment. This not only helps the site, but your other forum users as well when they are searching for new equipment.
    I look forward to seeing more from you.

    Click these links for the K5 Review Page and the K7 Review Page
    Remember, Reviews help keep our site free!!!

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

    The K-Teams Updated Logo CLICK HERE to add a link. Many thanx go to Axle for his hard work.

    Nikon Samurai #20

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    Sep 2008

    Re: Hello from Eastern Canada - Pentax shooter

    Thanks everyone. I will add to the reviews area and look forward to exploring the site more. I won't be on much for the next week as I'm taking a course starting this weekend (for a week) on the business of photography as well as shooting/editing seminars.

    Nice to meet you all and see you around the forum!

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