Well, after having both Pentax's down for some time, we are about to get one back from the repair shop. After a good cleaning and replacing the prism, my camera should be home by Friday, I hope. $165.00!!!! But, I'll be glad to be a Pentaxian again!!! The Kodak just wasn't cutting it. I wasn't having fun going out and shooting with it because of it's limitations and was usually too frustrated, so haven't been shooting very much.
Anyway, I hope to be back posting "pics" by the weekend!!!

Next we will send off Kims camera and see if it is worth repairing. It is the one that bounced down the freeway at 65 mph. Since the glass in the lens and the viewscreen didn't break, I'm assuming a new body and some fine tuning and it should be ok. If not...I'll have to save for a new camera for her. At least now we'll have one good camera in the house, finally. Should have done it months ago,:blush2: