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    Thumbs up Best Buy Ever on a K1000 SE

    Yesterday I stopped at a garage sale, and the lady was bringing out a box of old cameras most of them plastic junkers, and a note that said Your Choice $1.00. I looked in the box and there was a shoebox containing a Pentax K1000 SE, with 50mm F2 Lens, it appeared to be in excellent + to like new - condition, no visable wear, dents, dings, or scratches. It even had all the original paper work, owners manual, warranty card, meter to feet conversion card etc. The only thing missing was the original box, and packing.

    I asked the man if the price was right and he said yes, he went on to say he bought it new and shot a couple of rolls of film and most of the pictures were fuzzy, so there must be something wrong with the camera, so he never used it again and he also said you can not get film for it anymore so it isn't worth anything. I gave him a Dollar and got the heck out of Dodge. :blush2:

    Then I put in a new battery and loaded a roll of Fuji Superia 400 which I burned in about 15 minutes at the beach just to see it everything worked. One hour later I had 24 properly exposed and focused pictures, the only thing wrong with the camera is that its composition is not as good as my Canon A1s LOL

    Now all I have to do is find a student who wants to buy a manual focus 35 mm which is required for the basic photography class at the local junior college. I find and refurbish 35mm SLRs as a service to the students, and try to break even each semester, this one will help.

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    Re: Best Buy Ever on a K1000 SE

    Great find Slayman. Garage sales can be awesome places for deals. I got a great Pentax film camera and a couple of lenses at a garage sale several years ago. The 50mm lense was in perfect condition and the camera only needed light seals...with the bag, manual and some filters, I spent a total of $10.00. I got a great deal...but I think you got a better one...

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