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Thread: Auto Focus Help

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    Unhappy Auto Focus Help



    My name is Camel58. I have a Pentax K10D and am having a problem with the auto focus. I am hoping someone else has had a similar problem that they were able to resolve and can help me with mine.

    The auto focus does not work at all. When you press the shutter button, it shifts ever so slightly back and forth very quickly but will not focus. Manual focus works just fine and I can use it that way ... it is only the auto focus that seems to be malfunctioning.

    I will welcome all suggestions to address this issue - Thanks!

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    Re: Auto Focus Help

    Hi Camel58 and welcome to PR and the Pentax Forum. We seem to have had a lot of focusing issues lately. I have a couple of questions that may help narrow down your problem.
    1. Does this happen in all lighting conditions from bright to low light?
    2. Does this happen with all of your lenses or do you just have one lens?
    My only suggestion is, If you haven't already done so, remove your lens and put it back on and make sure it is fully engaged and then try it again. Also, if you don't have other lenses, try to borrow someone elses lens or take it to the nearest camera store and try it with one of their lenses. If it still doesn't work, then it is probably something that needs to be sent back to Pentax. However, these are last resorts. I'm a little weak on the technical issues, so lets see what others have to say with more experience.
    Good luck and I hope it's something easy!

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    Re: Auto Focus Help

    I have a K20D and have exactly the same problem with both my lenses (a cheap 18-55 that came with it and the expensive IF 200 F2.8) I bought about a month later. I contacted Pentax, and they told me to send it in. It's under warrenty, but to tell you the truth, I don't trust them. They already screwed me out of a measley $100 rebate on some silly technocallity, and I'm afraid that if I send it in, they'll keep it for a long time (I can't afford to be without it for long) and then tell me I have to pay to have it fixed because of some small print in the warrenty.
    I can still get great shots with MF with my 200mm, but the cheap shorter lens is clunky and unreliable on manual. Nevertheless, I don't think I'll send it to them, and I don't think my next camera will be a Pentax. Great camera and lens, poor company.

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