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    XZ-1 and pictures taken in Saudi Arabia

    I took my xz-1 to Saudi Arabia last week, due to the nature of the trip, i couldnt take alot of pictures and one huge mistake i made was use the burst mode (HI) to take pictures and those turn out to be disasters JPEGS with low Res (bad NR and loss of alot of detail)

    kind of my mistake for not realizing it but when the security folks dont like you taking pictures of holy places, then it is difficult to avoid HI mode as you need alot of pictures taken in a short time.

    The pictures are on Facebook, Also Videos taken also were out of focus, kind of a big let down. thanx god alot of pictures i did take were Raw so not a total disappointment.

    comments are welcome

    Olympus E-5
    Olympus Zuiko Digital Ed 14-35mm F2.0 Swd
    Olympus Zuiko Digital Ed 50-200mm F2.8-3.5
    Olympus Zuiko Digital Ed 12-60mm F2.8/4.0 Swd
    Olympus Zuiko Digital Ed 7-14mm F4.0
    Sigma 30mm F1.4
    Olympus FL-50R Flash

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    Re: XZ-1 and pictures taken in Saudi Arabia

    Impressive for a point and shoot. Be sure and write a review and post I link back here to it.
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    Re: XZ-1 and pictures taken in Saudi Arabia

    Very nice picture, I like your pictures

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