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    What to buy E3, E30 or E620

    Just sold off my Scooter and have about 1000 to upgrade equipment

    so what should I buy I shoot mainly sports so need fast lens and up to 8fps camera body

    going to upgrade flash as well as i some other funds coming from further sales

    big sep up from my E300

    what would be the best upgrade to go for

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    Re: What to buy E3, E30 or E620

    For rugby I would get the E3 and the 50-200mm SWD. But you won't get 8fps. More like 3.
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    Re: What to buy E3, E30 or E620

    The fastest you can get from an Olympus camera right now is 5 FPS - that's with the E-5 and the E-30. The E-620 can do 4 FPS. I'm not sure what the E-3 does. What are you shooting that you need 8 FPS? That's really fast - faster than I usually want and I shoot lots of action stuff. Here's a sequence I shot at 5 FPS with the E-5:


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    Re: What to buy E3, E30 or E620

    If you're going to be shooting rugby, chances are you'll be out in the weather at some point. Neither the E-30 or the 620 are weather sealed. The E-3 is, and you can find some great deals on nice used E-3s by looking around. I bought one a couple of months back to supplement my E-1s and love it. I've shoot a couple of thousand images with it since I bought it, it's dead on. Great camera body.

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