I may blog my progress on a project I want to try. This is my first attempt at time lapse. It is a long story with the timer. I got it for a song when a local lab had a sidewalk, going out of business, sale. The timer was suppose to work on the E3 but it locked all the settings up when I plugged it in. After some internet friends pointed me in the right direction I found the timer was wired wrong from the factory and was trying to AF all the time. I opened it up and re soldered the wires, the right way.
Anyway... This is just a test, more practice for the real deal later on.
This is 380 or so shots taken eight seconds apart and put together with Windows Movie Maker Live, a free download.
I thought it might be cool to share what I am working on, future projects and ideas. I am going to start taking pictures with my smartphone while in the field to give everyone an idea on how I put things together. If you have any projects you are working on please share them.

You can find the timers on Ebay and Amazon and the things you can do with them are endless. Well worth having one.

I used a two stop grad. It might be why I got so many flares?