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    Sp 565 ( Point and Shoot )

    I have a camera point and shoot SP-565.
    Its len is 26mm, and some one said that is original len, diff. with digital lens
    They said digital lens need to x1.6, so is it true ? .... so my len is 26mm ~~ around digital lens 17 mm ?????? so all D-SLR lens now from 18-55mm, so the lens 18 mm is real ... real 18mm or need to be x1.6 ????

    Sorrie, I dont know much about camera, that's why need your guy help. Thanks

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    Re: Sp 565 ( Point and Shoot )

    According to Olympus your camera is 4.6 to 92.0mm and the 35 eqv. is 26 to 520mm.
    Curius the crop factor is almost x5.65 (see SP-565) like the model of the camera!
    The D-SLR lenses depend on the sensor for the crop factor. So the 18-55mm on a Canon with APS-C sensor (crop factor x1.6) is eqv. to 29-88mm, on a Nikon with APS-C sensor (crop factor x1.5) is 27-82.5mm. A 18-55mm on Olympus (the only one near that focal length i know of is Sigma 18-50) with crop factor x2.0 is eqv. to 36-100mm.
    So it all comes down to the sensor size.
    Hope i didn't confused you with all the numbers...

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    Re: Sp 565 ( Point and Shoot )

    Don't let sensor size and crop factors confuse you. But it all goes back to film and the size of a negative. If you are shooting with a full frame sensor then your sensor would be the same size as a negative and a 50mm lens would be just that 50mm. But on Olympus DSLR's the sensor is half the size of a negative and about the smallest sensor on the market but the crop factor would be 2 so 50mm is really 100mm ect. It can all get confusing but your best bet is just to enjoy the camera and not worry about it.
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