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    SLOW Olympus E-620 (lens or camera issue?)

    I have the Olympus E-620 with the Olympus 18 - 180 lens. It's painfully slow (understatement). Before I toss it on e-bay, does anyone else know if the issue is just the lens? Or has anyone had this problem and fixed it? Also- the flash works when it feels like it - maybe 3 out of 4 times when used alone and about 50% of the time with my studio lights (using Olympus Safe Sync). Thank you for any input / advice!

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    Re: SLOW Olympus E-620 (lens or camera issue?)

    It is the lens. The 18-180 is one of the slowest made by Olympus. Try and get your hands on the 14-54mm or the 12-60mm. You will see a huge difference. Check your flash settings. It may not fire if the camera sees enough light to expose the shots. Are you shooting in an Auto setting? The 620 is an excellent camera. I certainly wouldn't toss it up on ebay. The lens, yes.
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    Re: SLOW Olympus E-620 (lens or camera issue?)

    ...and if you toss it on Ebay let me know :aureola:

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    Re: SLOW Olympus E-620 (lens or camera issue?)

    Agreed about the 12-60mm. That baby is FAST. I believe that it will work as optimally with the E-620 as it does on my E-30.

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