Seven Knights: Time Wandererd will be released on November 5.-ahr0chm6ly9zlmlzyw5vb2suy29tl2dhlzavdwqvmje1lzewnzgzmtmvc2v2zw4ta25pz2h0cy0omskuanbn.jpg
Earlier this September, Netmarble, South Korea's leading mobile game provider and game developer. The movement of Seven Knights: Time Wandererd has been announced, a new video, a new part of the flagship franchise that once created many legends. What it means in mobile platforms has arrived. And as time passed, the universe began to expand. Develop different versions of the game Even more, that is now focusing on service, there are many. But today we will continue to talk about the Nintendo Switch version.

A bit of reiteration, we previously released a new video trailer that introduces the game's In Games footage, showing the atmosphere and gameplay that are similar to the original version on mobile phones. It has added many gimmicks and details. The same part to have their own distinctive features
Seven Knights: Time Wandererd will be released on November 5.-ahr0chm6ly9zlmlzyw5vb2suy29tl2dhlzavdwqvmje1lzewnzgzmtmvc2v2zw4ta25pz2h0cy0omikuanbn.jpg
Today it was officially announced that Seven Knights: Time Wandererd will be launching for the Nintendo Switch platform through the Nintendo eShop on November 5, 2020. And there is a game console, do not miss it.
It is the Spin Off sector that offers a description of the original but has more beautiful graphics quality. This does not count against the content of many additional content. But the characters and models Still holding the original style To continue the adventure of a very popular franchise on mobile platforms that no one knows for sure.
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